What Good Interaction Design Process Looks Like

It's easy to take for granted some of the elegant interactions we take advantage of each day. This is a thoughtful post by the designer and developer of Unread, an RSS app that demonstrates the rigor that goes into a well made design.

My Mac History

Today marks 30 years since the first Mac went on the market. The Mac has been a significant tool in my life, a major part of my education, hobbies, and career. I wanted to share a little history of my Mac use.

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Brainwriting Workshop

Today at our UX Community of Practice meeting, I led a workshop on brainwriting. Brainwriting is a UX tool for idea generation where ideas are written on paper, then passed to another person to build upon or to draw inspiration from. Similar to brainstorming, it allows participants to evolve ideas by harnessing the power of interaction. Here’s a brief overview of what was discussed and what I learned from the group.

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mormon.org browser hero

Browser and OS (Devices) Support Strategy for Mormon.org

Like many websites today, Mormon.org was experience some pain with supporting a large number of devices. In the heat of a release, we didn’t know whether to spend time fixing a bug for Android 2.3 or leave it. We had no strategy for how to support different browsers and OS’s. Although Mormon.org is somewhat responsive, we learned it’s still costly to test and support a large number of devices. I was asked to make a recommendation for a long term device support strategy.
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JustServe Hero

Success Stories

One of the key takeaway lessons from our experience map was that we needed a stronger presence in the post project experience. We wanted to encourage past volunteers coming back to the site to volunteer for more projects. Additionally, we wanted to continually remind them of the good experiences they had while serving. Read More »

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